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Reborn baby dolls first started to show up around the world in the early 1990’s, mainly in the US and the UK. With doll artists wanting a more realistic looking baby doll. A reborn baby doll is a vinyl doll kit that has been enhanced using paints and real hair to resemble a real human baby. Usually the first requirement is that the doll look and feel like a real baby.
The creation of reborn baby dolls is generally referred to as reborning, and the doll artists are generally referred to as reborners or ”reborn artist”. They are painted with exceptional details, weighted to feel like your holding a real newborn baby and even have real Mohair, Alpaca or Remy Human hair. Reborn Dolls have become  the next sort for Collectors worldwide. These baby dolls are so realistic that, at a glance, they truly look like a real baby.
reborn baby dollsAs you can see, the dolls can look extremely real!


Tips For Adopting Quality Reborn Baby Dolls

There are thousands of dolls, varying in size, shape, races and prices. How do you know what to look for when you are looking for reborn baby dolls for adoption? First decide on how much your willing to spend. Is it going to be a cherished collectible passed on for generations? An older child to play with? Most reborns are not for small children to play with, though some can be purchased and are also acceptable for older children who will take care of them properly.

Quality Matters

Regardless what you pay for your doll, you want to get the most quality for BeBe Reborn. Read the descriptions carefully about the reborn baby doll. Some artist use higher quality materials to ensure their dolls last for generations. Higher quality materials cost the artist more so expect the price of the reborn to be more expensive. All reborn baby dolls have the same basic parts, but not all are the same. How do you know what is best? and whats the difference in the babies?


Doe suede, or flannel type body material is softer than cotton bodies and is usually more expensive. If you want the doll to have flexibility, a jointed limbed body is preferrable. Some artists use Faux fleece stuffing, this is much softer, and will not clump over time as regular polyfil stuffing will. Flaux fleece is also more expensive. Silicone pellets can be used, if encapsulated in the body. They have a “fleshy fat” feel to them. Make sure the artist did not put them inside the limbs, as the silicone may react to the vinyl.

Limbs (Arms And Legs)

Reborn baby dolls come with various sized arms and legs, from 1/4 to full length. It depends on how you wish the baby to feel and look. Full limbs give you more clothing options, and the 1/4, while the doll wont have as many clothing options, it will have more of a cuddle feel. When holding, you will feel more softness of stuffing instead of harder vinyl limbs, which to most people feels more realistic. Full limbs cost more and require more paint and time, so dolls with these may be more expensive. Some even have belly plates or full vinyl torsos, which adds to the cost.


Micro rooted hair is more expensive, but looks the most realistic. Hair is an important part of a reborn baby doll, so take that into consideration when deciding if you want the most realistic baby for your money. If a wig is chosen, the clear cap,  mohair wigs are better. They are rarely used anymore but would be the best choice if buying for a smaller kid, or even painted hair would work. Some mohair cost upward of $60.00-$80.00 per ounce to root the baby’s head with.  Micro rooting takes numerous hours to complete. Make sure the artist mentions that the hair has been sealed with a water proofed glue inside, so you can be able to gently style your baby’s hair. Painted Hair is often seen as popular now and does require skill to make it look realistic. Some babies will have a combination of rooted hair and painted hair.


Most artist will replace the original eyes as they are not as realistic as a BeBe Reborn. Some Companies make very realistic eyes for the dolls, which include glass eyes, lausher eyes (very realistic & expensive). Eyeco or Real Eyes, are less expensive, but still remain realistic. Eyelashes are generally glued on for the open eyed babies. Some artists will hand root the eyelashes on the sleeping dolls. Some open eyed dolls are rooted on the upper lashes, as well, and some lashes are painted.


Cost wise, it doesn’t really matter whether the nose is opened. Some doll artists may drill open the nose, and back it with felt. Some doll kits are made with deep nostrils so the artist may ”shade” them to look open and realistic.


Magnets are usually used for pacifiers. Some of the dolls have them and some don’t. Be sure to check the description or ask before deciding.


The newest paints are called Genesis Heat Set Paints, they are thin and applied in layers and baked in an oven, this makes them permanent. It will not rub off or fade away.

Vinyl or Silicone Vinyl

Vinyl has a harder feel than silicone vinyl and is less expensive. Most silicone vinyl dolls have a soft buttery feel. Silicone vinyl is not the same as a silicone doll. Silicone dolls are very expensive and are poured, solid silicone with a very realistic feel and movement.

History Of Reborn Baby Dolls

Traditional dolls have been around and popular for hundreds of years. The top collectors were usually young children. By the 19th century, dolls were being made of wax, porcelain or eventually vinyl, which gave them more realism. Of course these were no where near the realism of todays reborn baby dolls, but this is what pushed the dolls into being created by artist. Once people saw that dolls could resemble real babies more than ever, doll artist took note.

When was the first ”reborn baby doll” created?

Noone really knows when the first reborn baby doll was created, but what we do know is that it occurred from the 1980’s to the early 1990’s. People wanted something new, something that would resemble a real baby and look less like a toy.

Growing popularity of reborn baby dolls

At first, the dolls were mostly limited to US and UK consumers, but that quickly changed as more people seen the amazing art of reborning. There are now countless resources now for the dolls, such as forums, blogs, talk shows and programs. New reborn methods are constantly being created, there are even some dolls that can cry and breathe now! Reborn baby dolls are even used in numerous movies instead of real babies. From what we have seen so far, reborning will only keep growing.


How Much Do Reborn Baby Dolls Cost?

Reborn baby dolls can vary in price, even dramatically. You can find lower quality dolls for as low as 60$, although these wont have as much realism as a higher priced doll. Price usually depends on the maker. It is not uncalled for reborn dolls to cost up to 10,000$ from top named ”reborners”. For most, a doll priced from 150-300$ will satisfy all their needs, and has plenty of realism.


Is It Hard To Reborn A Doll?

Of course it is, if it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it. It is important to note that anyone can reborn a doll, but the end result may not be as pleasant. If youd like a go at it, and just want to follow a basic guide and test your skills, you can do so here. Reborn doll kits are the easiest way to break into the ”reborning” hobby.

This is a before and after picture of a kit.reborn dolls, before and after



Can Children Play With Reborn Dolls?

Of course, but reborn dolls are more of a collectable and are easily damaged as they are not a toy. If you are wanting to get your child a doll, consider the cheaper dolls first, which are usually around 50$. The cheaper reborn dolls are not as realistic, but it would be wise to see how your child handles one of these first before deciding to buy them a more expensive doll.